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Become an Athlete

“Don’t be chasing the tails of your peers and competition. If you’re an aspiring athlete and aren’t doing everything in your power to develop dangerous levels of speed, strength to dominate your opponents and conditioning to keep coming back for more – you’ll be left behind.

However, with masses of contradictory information surrounding you, trying to train optimally can become a complicated puzzle. How do you build muscle while maintaining explosive speed? How do you organise your training week?

It’s certainly not simple.

That’s why I’m offering my expertise, to help you realise your ambitions. These products are for the people who want affordable individualised programs and coaching which has been proven to work at the highest levels of sport.”

Jack Tyler


Have worked with coach Tyler of JT performance now for a few months, and has been without a doubt the single most productive S&C and performance coaching experience I have had in 10 years of competitive sport. Cannot recommend enough.

Kane Carreras (Rugby Union)

Complete game changer, helped through multiple rehab stages in the previous year. Amazing programmes for both athletic performance and my switch to powerlifting (top 10 in West Midlands first comp) and increased my squat from 160kg to 200kg in the span of 5 months.

Sampson Jones (Powerlifting)

I’ve worked with Jack for about 8 months after he was one of the strength and conditioning coaches for my team. I had stopped playing the sport and was de-motivated until I started working with jack on my fitness and strength. His depth of knowledge, and his explanations for why I’m doing exercises is beyond anything I’ve experienced before. His attention to detail and drive to make himself better made me improve and want to keep up with what he was helping me to do. I am now fitter, stronger and more powerful than I ever have been all thanks to Jack. Would recommend to anyone.

Matt Smith (American Football)

Tell him your goal and he will make it happen! Helped me through rehabbing post ankle surgery and only 4 months post op playing England level again, after being told I wouldn’t be able to. Now helping me work towards World Cup this August! 100% recommend!

Fiona Fletcher (England Lacrosse)

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