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6-steps for Athletic Lower-body Hypertrophy

Athletic lower-body hypertrophy sessions must be distinguishable from bodybuilding. While physiological principles of hypertrophy aren’t any different for athletes – Jay Cutler sure isn’t running down the touch-line scoring…

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Training the Neck is a Necessity for Contact Athletes

The neck is the most undertrained muscle in the body.⁣ Strength coaches rightly spend huge amounts of time researching and implementing training plans in order to prevent muscular injuries…

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A Case for the Trap-bar Deadlift (Athletes)

Unless you’re a powerlifter, exercises are a means to an end. Coming from a powerlifting background I took it as a personal insult when my S&C coach told me…

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In-season Programming for Contact Athletes

In-season training for players who don’t have the luxury of a strength and conditioning coach often looks shambolic. Yet, it’s completely understandable. It isn’t an easy thing to pull…

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Push/Pull/Legs Split – Strength and Size

One of the simplest yet rewarding routines out there is the “Push/Pull/Legs” split. It is an easy template mould which harnesses all the required criteria for a balanced strength…

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Delt Distraction Series: Upper-body Warm-up

Deltoid Distraction Series moves the shoulder through multiple planes of motion, preparing the entire upper-body by taking the shoulder through all its functions. This warm-up was made for myself…

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