I worked with Coach Jack for about 3 months – I trained hard before starting with him, but his program gave me the structure, consistency and accountability I needed to see real growth. I came to him hoping to increase my size, stamina and explosiveness, and in 3 months I packed on 15-20 lbs of lean weight and got stronger in every lift. I’ve reached an all time high in my conditioning as well. He takes a methodical approach personalized to your strengths and weaknesses and assigns a workload that will challenge you but leave you fresh enough to train hard for your specific sport. His emphasis on sleeping enough, eating properly and training smart helped me make bigger leaps in my progress than I’ve seen before and improved my lifestyle. He’s very invested in the process and cares about his athletes progress greatly. I’d recommend JT performance to any competitive athlete who is serious and wants to take their abilities to the next level.

Danny White