Almost a year working with JT Performance and all I can do is heap praise at the level of service and coaching provided. This is an entirely bespoke plan from a coaching staff that pay massive attention to the most granular details. Coach Jack and his coaches at JT Performance care about their athletes and revel in the successes of their athletes. Conversely, Coach Jack feels personally responsible for challenges faces or struggles endured. Truth be told, removing the guess work from performance training and having that layer of accountability have made me a stronger, more athletic and more consistent athlete. Working with JT Performance have almost made me a more aware athlete, forcing me to pay better attention to sleep quality, fatigue levels, motivation level, stress management, training quality and nutrition.

A year on, still 10/10 would definitely recommend. I’ve had 5-7 other athlete ask me about Coach Jack, 3 have signed on and gotten other athletes to do the same.

American Football