So I’ve been doing karate for 18 years, and competing in full contact karate for 10 years. I noticed recently that my skillset as a fighter was improving, however I was stagnating in the gym. I understood how to get someone to where I currently was, but I had reached an impasse. I was unsure of what I needed to do to get to the next level and become a fighter who is both technically sound but also physically dominant.

Since working with Yudi, I’ve become fitter, faster, stronger and am in by far the best shape of my life and I can see myself becoming that fighter I want to be – a physically dominating force with the technical proficiency to back it up. My gym lifts continue to rise week after week. I’m 5kg up from my starting weight and feel both fitter and faster than when I started despite the extra weight and the progress hasn’t slowed at all. Keep in mind I’ve spoken purely about my physical performance, let alone all the other things that support said performance he’s been helping me with.

Honestly, I could give the typical spiel about how good the training is and how Yudi always gets back to me with any and all of my questions and thoughts and while all of that is most definitely true. I’ll keep things short and simple.

I’ve made more progress in my sport in the past month and a half, than I have in the year that preceded it and if that doesn’t convince you why I recommend these guys so highly, I don’t think anything else I say will. If you’re on the fence about starting up, it’s time to jump off and dive straight in cause you won’t regret it.
I know I haven’t.

Jordan Eaglestone
Karate (Australian International)