I play American Football professionally and at the international level and have been playing this game for over 2 decades.

After just 4 months working with Jack, I can honestly say I’m moving around better now at 34 years old then I have at any point since college football.

We started with the goal of increasing durability, preventing nagging hamstring injuries and improving top-end speed.
I already feel on a daily basis more recovered even with my increased workload. I am fresh every time I step on the field, even on bad days.
I consistently outperform professional guys 10+ years younger than me in speed, agility and conditioning drills.
I’ve been able to perform full ROM Nordics for the first time in my life, even after a 6cm tear in my hamstring 10 months ago.
My flying 10yd time has gone from ~1.12 in January to ~0.96 in March.
My RSI score has gone from 1.58 to 2.55 in that same time.

To say I’m happy with the progress is an understatement – and its only been a few months. I cant wait to see what the coming months and years have in store.

Mike Gentili

Team Italy (European Champ 2021)
Schwabisch Hall Unicorns (German Bowl Champ 2022)

Michael Gentili
American Football (Italian International)