I worked with Thomas from JT Performance for 8 months with the aim of increasing my fitness and power for rugby performance. I wanted to be able to maintain the same level of intensity without dropping off later on in the game.

The whole process was amazing, the training regime was within my capabilities and there was consistent communication between me and Thomas to make any required changes to the training as and when it was needed. I was also provided with lots of articles and information that helped with nutrition, recovery and performance psychology which gave an extra edge to my training and game day preparations.

The results of the training were amazing and really showed during my games. I was able to maintain the same intensity in the final ten minutes as I had during the first ten minutes of the game. My weights in the gym went right up, I gained 5kg in weight but still dropped body fat %. This had a huge impact and I was able to dominate my contact areas when attacking and defending. I was putting in more dominant tackles whilst constantly breaking the gain line.

I would 100% recommend training with jt performance because I was able to improve on every aspect of performance that I was struggling with and played the best rugby of my life as a result of their training.

Ieuan Jones
Rugby Union