Coaching Reviews

Jack takes a full approach to develop an athlete. Physically and mentally, but also cues you to focus on technical and tactical. His method designs out the steps to get

Matthew Belbasis
Aussie Rules
Since i started working with Jack, my back injury that i suffered 2 years ago, is no longer limiting me in sports and day-to-day life. In these 4 weeks i

Tomáš Olearčin
I have done 3/4 months of online training with Jack and I have seen some incredible improvements in my lifts and BJJ performance. I’ve hit lifetime personal bests in bench,

Daniel Winterbottom
I am a college rugby player and came to Jack for someone to plan a detailed programme and nutrition plan around my college and work week, especially with his connection

Daniel Hiam
Rugby Union
Almost a year working with JT Performance and all I can do is heap praise at the level of service and coaching provided. This is an entirely bespoke plan from

American Football
I have made really significant improvements in sprint speeds and strength since working with Jack. Previously I’ve had various programmes as part of teams from S&C coaches etc but they’ve

Huw Bevan
Can not recommend highly enough. Been working with Jack for a few months now and he’s helped me improve in every way I’ve asked for. If you have any goal

Joel Sorby
American Football
It has nearly been a year since working with Jack and since then I have met all my goals that I have wanted to achieve and a massive part of

Kelsey Clifford
Saracens & England Rugby
Coach Jack has been outstanding, I’ve been working with Coach Jack for just under two years. Coach Jack has helped me with my overall athletic ability, overcoming injuries, strength training,

Mykel Dallas Nixon
American Football (GFL1)

Great coaching experience. Seeing improvements day by day with JT

American Football
Since starting my S&C journey with Jack I have increased my max weight in both squat and bench press. Jack listens to exactly what you need as a person as

Iona McCusker
I am working with JT performance almost for a year and I can say it’s the best choice I did in the last year… I made progress in all aspects

Luka Sokolić
Handball (international)
I’m a professional footballer and I’ve been working with Jack for almost 3 years. He is by far the best coach I’ve ever had and I look forward to every

Lucy Thomas
Football (Soccer)

Jack is a great coach. He has especially benefited me since he has started training me on reaching my goals. Would highly

Joshua Bethell
Great programming and very professional, but friendly. Knowledgeable about S&C and performance, and is always open to answering any questions you may have. JT played a massive role in motivating

Jonny Craenen
Rugby (Swedish 7's)
Jack completely changed my attitude towards s&c. He is passionate about his work and tailored my strength sessions to focus on the needs of my individual progress and perform to

Amy Platten
GB Judo
Jack is a brilliant coach, passionate and knowledgable and generally a top guy. He is supportive and collaborative and I look forward to seeing what else we can achieve together.

Nikkie Oliver
Really awesome program. Jack has changed the way I view and handle nutrition. He is able to work and accommodate to your experience, schedule, and ability. During the 12 week

Charles Walsh
Rugby Union
I worked with Coach Jack for about 3 months – I trained hard before starting with him, but his program gave me the structure, consistency and accountability I needed to

Danny White
The standard of coaching that you’ll receive from Jack is second to none. He has great knowledge so many different areas and is always looking to learn more. With someone

Michael Pope
GB Olympic Thrower/Weightlifter
I’ve been working with Coach Jack for almost 2 months and all my numbers have gone up in the gym! The programme he set up for me was fine tuned

Ti Ojuyah
American Football
I’m a rugby player, and I contact Jt Performance to be a better athlete. Coach Merrick help me to improve my speed, power, and conditioning! After a couple of months,

Jo De Castro
Rugby (International for Philippines)
I have been working with Jack for about a month and really enjoying the training. The setup is really easy and saves time having all the info, communication and exercises

David Carter
American Football
Jack is an excellent coach. He extremely passionate and enthusiastic and this is only surpassed by his depth of knowledge. I have seen him excel whilst working with a variety

Alex Dear
Olympic Weightlifter/ Physiotherapist

Amazing service and coaches! Best investment I have made on myself. Loving every minute of

Salim Elomari
American Football
I’ve been working with Jack for about 8 months since the gyms opened after the first lockdown. During this time I’ve seen significant changes in strength and body composition as

Samuel Fraser
American Football
Been working with Jack now for not too far off a year. Massive improvements in myself, my game and my lifestyle. Tremendous coach, best shape I have been in for

Craig Kyle
I’ve worked with Jack for about 18months now and I can easily say that he is the best coach I’ve worked with. He is very knowledgeable, supports me through every

Vicki Walker
Very pleased with the quality of the programming and the expertise on display. I strongly recommend them for those looking to train in a results-driven manner and who wish to

Alfonso BC
I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and felt like I was lacking physically compared to my competitors. I was implementing my own strength and conditioning program prior to reaching out

Calum Burke
Jiu Jitsu
Have worked with coach Tyler of JT performance now for a few months, and has been without a doubt the single most productive S&C and performance coaching experience I have

Kane Carreras
American Football
I’ve only been getting coached by Jack for a few weeks now, but straight away I’ve seen improvements in athletic capabilities. Having testing metrics to keep track of how I

Finn Campbell
GB Frisbee
If you’re someone that has all the determination and takes their sport seriously ,has spent time maybe even researching and putting together your own program but feel it isn’t good

Joshua Beeton
I’ve been training for almost a year now with Jack. My increase in strength and speed, alongside my weight loss, have been continuously encouraged by Jack’s meticulous planning. His Taylor-made

Matthew Smith
American Football

He is committed to you doing better and you can feel that. 5 out of

Robin Knoth
As a current squash player, Jack has been brilliant in adapting my programs based on my sport. He helps me achieve my goals by creating a program that’s specific to

Oliver Green
England Squash
So I’ve been doing karate for 18 years, and competing in full contact karate for 10 years. I noticed recently that my skillset as a fighter was improving, however I

Jordan Eaglestone
Karate (Australian International)
When I first contacted Coach Jack I was in a moon boot following an Achilles’ tendon rupture. I felt I wanted to return to American football as quickly as possible

American Football
Coach Jack is highly motivated in helping you become a better athlete. He understands the athletes needs very well and always keeps the sport as the no. 1 focus. I

Alejandro Toutparfait
I have been working with JT for a couple weeks and despite a shaky, inconsistent start from myself – he was extremely helpful in communication and helping me back on

Ohio Orumen
Rugby Union
JT has really supported me and benefitted me in terms of my goal to restart my lifestyle habits and become a better athlete. I was in a rut with nutrition

Morgan Stuart-Bailey
American Football
I’ve been working closely with Jack for over 3 months now. For the first time in my career I wanted to take my S&C and nutrition to a new level

Rob Poth
GB Skiing
Unbelievable quality of Service. This is the most i have ever enjoyed training in the 15 years I have been. I have been working with Matt who has been amazing

Gerry Brauders
Really good coaching service. Experts, high quality platform, good excercises, good feedback, much focus on improving form rather than just pure throwing weights on. Would recommend to anyone who needs

Andrej Kavka
Best S&C coach I have ever worked with. He answers questions quickly, full of documentation that helps you learn, and become better Listens and that’s important. I recommend him for

I worked with Thomas from JT Performance for 8 months with the aim of increasing my fitness and power for rugby performance. I wanted to be able to maintain the

Ieuan Jones
Rugby Union
I’ve been at JT performance for a few months now and i am more physically dominant than I’ve ever been: Faster, fitter, stronger than ever before. Jack helped me to

Adil Miah
I trained with Jack for 3 months and it was really an awesome experience. He really takes the time to develop your own plan with your preferences and personal needs

Erich Kilger
American Football
The best man for helping you achieve performance goals. Jack has a wide range of experience working with different athletes and is very passionate about what he does. I became

Robert Rangel
My name is Lucas Fleming and I play rugby for the University of Nebraska in the US. When I came to JT Performance, I was looking to come back from

Lucas Fleming
Rugby 7's (National Level)
I have been working with Jack for a year. Previously I struggled to put on any real size as I was far from consistent with my training and diet. To

Joe Finnie
Rugby Union
I’ve been working with Jack for the past 4 weeks and I can honestly it’s been amazing! He provides top quality sessions and he has tons of knowledge. My training,

Jake Baker
I came to JT performance because I knew to be the best I need to work with the best. All my wishes have been coming true I have been putting

Rielly Kirk
American Football/Rugby Union
Complete game changer, helped through multiple rehab stages in the previous year. Amazing programmes for both athletic performance and my switch to powerlifting (top 10 in West Midlands first comp)

Samson Jones-Cross
American Football/ Powerlifting
I’ve only been training with Jack for just over a month and can already see and feel a big difference in how I perform. Having that structure and a clear

Charlton Dawson-Dragisic

Jack is a fantastic coach with a great depth of knowledge. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to push themselves to that next

Ben McMullan
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jack is an awesome coach with a wealth of knowledge. When working with Jack, I just went from strength to strength. Whatever your sport and whatever your goal, Jack will

Joseph Hardy
I’ve been training with Jack for 2 months now, and results are here. He cares about his clients, and does a lot to help us improve (even when you get

Maéric Achiepi
American Football
As a medical student with demanding schedule, maintaining performance in my sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, require very specific approach. I reached out Jack when I hit a certain point of

Robert Melamed
Jiu Jitsu
I have been with Jack since late last year and since then i have improved every physical aspect in regards to my performance in my sport and also kept myself

Football (Soccer)
I have worked with other coaches before but Jack is hands down the best. His enthusiasm and willingness to help is unmatched, but his ability to convey his knowledge behind

Axl Rodwell
American Football
Working with Jack has completely changed my approach to training. Now I’m systematically improving on a week to week basis, and seeing clear improvements in my sport. Jack has a

Ellis Prodromou
Great service, always goes above and beyond to ensure that the quality of your training is high, great eye for detail, would definitely recommend to any athletes looking to take

Nelson Ballesteros
Football (Soccer)
Jack has been amazing through our time working together, and the progression towards my short-term and long-term goals has been extremely noticeable. Even more importantly, he has seamlessly managed the

Alexander Kusmirek
American Football (Irish International)
Could not possibly ask for more from coach Tom! Really helping me towards my goals within rugby and I can definitely see some drastic improvements both on the pitch and

Eilidh Sword
Yudi Morris was an amazing coach for me in the 2 1/2 months I’ve worked with him! I would have kept it going but life got very busy and some

Jaire Roberts
I’ve only been working with Jack for a month now but feel stronger already. I have full trust in his ability to support me back to competing in my sport,

Ben Harrison
Over 10 months of working with Jack the results have been incredible. His careful attention to detail when it comes to planning workouts has been invaluable to my progression and

Connor Clark
American Football
Best S&C coach for serious contact athletes. Just straight quality work that will get you stronger leaner more powerful. Great guy that also cares about his athletes and wants the

Pascal Ménard
Pascal Ménard
Canadian American Football
Great coaching and great feedback. Jack is very professional and it doesn’t just feel like another cookie cutter program that promises to make you faster or stronger. I’ve felt much

Kyle Lazera
Rugby Union
I wanted to go back to my athlete form, that I completely lost with work and with time. My lifestyle was a mess and I had lack of motivation to

João Francisco Almeida
MMA and Coach
I’m a rugby player who had ideas and an inkling as to what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it but didn’t have the guidance or

Rugby Union
I’m a soccer player and joined the program during my off-season to improve my athleticism in preparation for going to America on a scholarship. Coach Yudi’s coaching has been excellent

Patrick Barry
My name is Luca and I play American Football for the Dresden Monarchs. Size has always been an issue for me, struggling to put on muscle mass and stay athletic.

Luca Ender
American Football
Worth every penny. Great coaching, holds you accountable, is available as much as you need him, gives clear goals while keeping everything simple and not crowding you with unnecessary information.

International Youth Boxer
Working with Jack has been brilliant, I’m getting stronger and fitter than I have ever been, the sessions are challenging but not beating me up so I am always ready

Adam Jones
Always provides great courses to follow which give me the results I want. I live and work in Germany and have a very busy work life, yet Jack always designs

Was looking for a specialist that could help me make the next leap towards my goals in my sport. Found it and would recommend it to anyone that wants to

Lukas Preimel
Jiu Jitsu
I’ve only been training with Jack for 3 weeks but I can honestly say that this program hasn’t just improved my athletic performance, but my life overall. Jack’s attention to

Stuart Wylie
American Football
I came to jack seeking help returning from a hip injury that had been recurring for a while, and would stop me from playing sport to the intensity I like.

Eddy Fuller
Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Rugby
Jack was not only an knowledgeable coach who created a clear and effective plan, but also a top guy who goes out of his way to help you develop. In

Will S
Jack is professional, well organised, and very resourceful, if you need someone to help you come back from a severe injury or just to push you to your best, he’s

Chloé Erbland
Have worked with Coach Yudi for 9/10 months and working together has been pivotal in making progress with feeling stronger, faster, and more reactive, supporting me with injury prevention, and

Sarah Payne

Jack truly cares about his clients and their results. I would highly recommend him for his wealth of knowledge and experience in strength and

James Cunningham
American Football
Tell him your goal and he will make it happen! Helped me through rehabbing post ankle surgery and only 4 months post op playing England level again, after being told

Fiona Fletcher
England Lacrosse
Going to see Jack is one of the best decisions I’ve made. After sustaining a serious injury, it was vital for me to get back to and surpass me previous

Callum Doyle
Football (Soccer)
My names Carl and I’m a fighter, I originally joined to improve the efficiency of my training and I’ve always had a problem with body fat percentage and was just

Carl Noel
Wrestling (International - Mexico)
I signed up with JT because I had 0 knowledge in the gym and I wanted to learn how to train like an athlete. I also had an issue with

American Football
I’ve been working with Jack for just over 6 weeks and by following his extremely flexible and detailed personal plan, I have regained the strength I lost while being in

Keair Bailey
American Football
Jack is far and away one of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches around. It’s not close. He’s the real deal. Most coaches now try to make money by coming

Kris Anderson
Coach JT’s program has helped me get stronger for my sport. I can see the effects in my wrestling and ju jitsu. I’m happy with my progress and I am

Mike Aiyeola
Jack was probably the first guy that actually made me interested and understand myself more than ever, he is so detailed in this work that he wants you to gives

Reshad Saraj
I’m a sprinter who has now been working with Jack for the past year. He has managed to get the results needed in all aspects of my training. He understands

Page Fairclough
England International Sprinter
Jack is a tremendous coach. I’ve been working with him for 3 months now and I made great progress in every physical aspect. I’ve hit new PR’s on all my

Fabien Dupla
I’ve been working with Jack for a month now and I’ve been making consistent progress in the gym and on the field. He knows your personal goals and makes it

Sam Rayner
American Football
Been training with Jack for 1 month now. Could rapidly increase my strength in my lifts and transfer strength to my sport (brazilian jiu jitsu). Tailored around my life style

Jan van de Lücht
Jiu Jitsu

A thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience working with

Colin McKiernan
Jack’s help has been incredible and he works hard to ensure that progress is focused and tracked carefully. Through his training and nutrition plans I’ve been able to reach what

Connor Clark
American Football
Jack is great at keeping you on top of your training while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you want to become a top athlete in your specific sport Jack

Rene Zokra
American Football
I started with Jack one month ago, and I feel a lot better in general. I started because I wanted to improve my performance and it’s working! I improved a

Alessandro Merlo
Would highly recommend JT Performance! As a boxer, there’s little information on strength and conditioning out there, and it’s even harder to filter what’s good and apply it into a

Alan Abbu
Boxing (3 x National Champion)
I’ve been working with Jack for around a year and a half and his experience and in-depth knowledge of strength and conditioning has really helped me excel in my sport

Ella Wansell
England International Sprinter
I play American Football professionally and at the international level and have been playing this game for over 2 decades. After just 4 months working with Jack, I can honestly

Michael Gentili
American Football (Italian International)
I have worked with Jack for around 4/5 months now. My training beforehand was good however I was getting bored, but with jack it is great and I love training

Jarrad Burgon
Jacks programming was amazing. Pre season I put on much needed size whilst maintaining speed. I had my most injury free season ever and continued to hit pb’s in squat,

Jack Jones
American Football

Gives excellent advice and programs for my

Manny Akala
American Football
Jacks help as a coach has been incredible over the last couple of months. After seeing many different people about a back injury I have and getting no where, I

Tom Lucas
Rugby Union
Nothing but great things to say about this guy. I made progress in all metrics, upper body strength/size, lower body strength/power, vertical jump, sprint speed all while having a hectic

Lars Little
My time with Jack as my coach has been brilliant so far. I was struggling with accountability & training consistently towards my goal as an athlete. It was frustrating missing

Shane Reilly
Jack is extremely enthusiastic about what he does and very committed to getting his athletes to meet their goals. After being out with an ACL injury for 19 months, Jack

Evan Green
Gibraltar Football
I’ve been with JT Performance just over a month now and I can honestly say I feel healthier and stronger. I compete in TaeKwonDo and I can already start to

David Reitz
Taekwondo (International)