Coaching Reviews

Jacks help as a coach has been incredible over the last couple of months. After seeing many different people about a back injury I have and getting no where, I turned to Jack. Through constant communication and quality training he was able to get my back feeling better than ever just in time for the rugby season. I can’t thank him enough, would 100% recommend!

Tom Lucas
Rugby Union

Gives excellent advice and programs for my improvement.

Manny Akala
American Football

I worked with Coach Jack for about 3 months – I trained hard before starting with him, but his program gave me the structure, consistency and accountability I needed to see real growth. I came to him hoping to increase my size, stamina and explosiveness, and in 3 months I packed on 15-20 lbs of lean weight and got stronger in every lift. I’ve reached an all time high in my conditioning as well. He takes a methodical approach personalized to your strengths and weaknesses and assigns a workload that will challenge you but leave you fresh enough to train hard for your specific sport. His emphasis on sleeping enough, eating properly and training smart helped me make bigger leaps in my progress than I’ve seen before and improved my lifestyle. He’s very invested in the process and cares about his athletes progress greatly. I’d recommend JT performance to any competitive athlete who is serious and wants to take their abilities to the next level.

Danny White

Jack was not only an knowledgeable coach who created a clear and effective plan, but also a top guy who goes out of his way to help you develop. In addition to this, the combined clarity and accountability I felt with my lifestyle and training was majorly beneficial.

The experience certainly helped me become a better athlete, and gave me the tools and knowledge to develop in the future. Fully recommend.

Will S

I signed up with JT because I had 0 knowledge in the gym and I wanted to learn how to train like an athlete. I also had an issue with knee pain which JT helped me overcome. I started off with regressions of difficult exercises after a couple of weeks they were so easy. JT also worked my gym schedule with my training plan for American football this helped me have enough rest to recover too. By the end of my time with JT I felt so much more athletic and strong in comparison to before which lead me to have a great season following it.I have also taken the knowledge I received from him and have implemented this into my daily lifestyle. I highly recommend JT he educates you as well as studies your body to know what’s best for you to. Jack is also a very understanding person which makes it more comfortable to work with him. I’m due to go back in the off season 100%.

American Football

A thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience working with jack

Colin McKiernan

If you’re someone that has all the determination and takes their sport seriously ,has spent time maybe even researching and putting together your own program but feel it isn’t good enough or you aren’t making the progress you want. Jack puts together a solid program with clear progressions and takes all the guess work away so you can focus on the other areas of life like work or family. I’ve been working with Jack for 2 months and don’t regret a penny spent.

It isnt just a training program, it includes guidance on your lifestyle to help maximize your progress!!

Joshua Beeton

I have worked with Jack for around 4/5 months now. My training beforehand was good however I was getting bored, but with jack it is great and I love training again. I am the strongest I have ever been whilst feeling the least amount of niggles/injuries. I never feel fatigued and I love his training sessions. My body feels fast, athletic, fit, strong and robust. I can’t recommend Jack enough. Communication is on point and he works around you and your schedule. Great coach!

Jarrad Burgon
Jack is a professional and enthusiastic coach, with a very clear passion to help people achieve their targets. He is also friendly and easy to get along with, making your sessions with him enjoyable.
Maddi Gibbons

I am a college rugby player and came to Jack for someone to plan a detailed programme and nutrition plan around my college and work week, especially with his connection with my sport it is a great fit.
Even though I had a lot of basic knowledge in strength and conditioning I needed someone else to fine tune a programme that would help me in rugby too. Working with Jack over the True coach app has made it very easy to track and view my training sessions and nutrition without having to invest much effort into research myself or spending hours writing it all down on paper.

I believe that the JTPerformance program is ideal for those who need someone to push them to the next level. From personal experience there is only so much motivation one can muster, but with someone like Jack by your side it more than doubles.

Daniel Hiam
Rugby Union

Complete game changer, helped through multiple rehab stages in the previous year. Amazing programmes for both athletic performance and my switch to powerlifting (top 10 in West Midlands first comp) and increased my squat from 160kg to 200kg in the span of 5 months.

Samson Jones-Cross
American Football/ Powerlifting

My time with Jack as my coach has been brilliant so far. I was struggling with accountability & training consistently towards my goal as an athlete. It was frustrating missing sessions due to being lazy. Since I’ve been with Jack he’s held me accountable while at the same time fitting in my training around my life. Jack really invests his time & effort into me and you can see he really cares about his athletes. Along with that I have gained 3kg of muscle mass & all my lifts have gone up since working with Jack, physically the best I’ve ever been. Would highly recommend Jack as your coach!

Shane Reilly

I’ve been working with Jack for just over 6 weeks and by following his extremely flexible and detailed personal plan, I have regained the strength I lost while being in lockdown as well as discovering new strength in other key areas. I highly recommend Jack to any athlete looking to become the best possible version of themselves.

Keair Bailey
American Football

Been training with Jack for 1 month now. Could rapidly increase my strength in my lifts and transfer strength to my sport (brazilian jiu jitsu). Tailored around my life style and work schedule Jack offers varied and fun workouts. His nutritional coaching concentrates on building habits, so it will be long term effective

Jan van de Lücht
Jiu Jitsu

Since i started working with Jack, my back injury that i suffered 2 years ago, is no longer limiting me in sports and day-to-day life. In these 4 weeks i added lots of weight to my deadlifts, my vertical jumps has increased, my endurance has gotten a lot better and i fully returned back to boxing again. Thanks to Jack, i’m finally confident with my back. Feel like i’m 100% back in the game. Jack is a great coach with lots of knowledge and experience. Really easy to connect with through the app, great feedback and fast responses. I highly recommend Jack, he is a great coach.

Tomáš Olearčin

Jack is an excellent coach. He extremely passionate and enthusiastic and this is only surpassed by his depth of knowledge. I have seen him excel whilst working with a variety of athletes; age, gender or sport does not matter to Jack. He is consistently able to get results and strives to improve both himself and the athlete’s he works with. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that he delivers the best service he can. I would recommend him to anyone that takes achieving their goals seriously.

Alex Dear
Olympic Weightlifter/ Physiotherapist
Pascal Ménard

Best S&C coach for serious contact athletes. Just straight quality work that will get you stronger leaner more powerful. Great guy that also cares about his athletes and wants the best for you.

Pascal Ménard
Canadian American Football

I’ve been training for almost a year now with Jack. My increase in strength and speed, alongside my weight loss, have been continuously encouraged by Jack’s meticulous planning. His Taylor-made program for me is helping me achieve all my goals, and push for harder ones. On top of all of that Jack is a great guy who clearly wants to be the best he can be at his job and in doing so help athletes achieve their best. I would recommend Jack to anyone who’s willing to put the work in, and wants to take themselves to the next level.

Matthew Smith
American Football

Great programming and very professional, but friendly. Knowledgeable about S&C and performance, and is always open to answering any questions you may have. JT played a massive role in motivating me during what has been quite a tough and demotivating lockdown period, and has always found new ways of keeping workouts interesting despite not having access to weights or a gym during covid.

Jonny Craenen
Rugby (Swedish 7's)

Jack is a brilliant coach, passionate and knowledgable and generally a top guy. He is supportive and collaborative and I look forward to seeing what else we can achieve together. I would recommend him to any athlete who is serious about excelling in their sport. Cannot speak highly enough of the service I receive.

Nikkie Oliver

Jack is far and away one of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches around. It’s not close. He’s the real deal. Most coaches now try to make money by coming up with some wonky focus or by being a social influencer. Jack separates himself by getting results, not some snake oil.

I came to Jack as an older recreational BJJ athlete, and he’s managed me through injury and busy schedules and I’ve gotten much better as an athlete as a result. Highly, highly recommend!

Kris Anderson

As a current squash player, Jack has been brilliant in adapting my programs based on my sport. He helps me achieve my goals by creating a program that’s specific to me, making me a stronger more versatile athlete. One of the best personal trainers around. A very knowledgeable and supportive trainer.

Oliver Green
England Squash
I’ve only been getting coached by Jack for a few weeks now, but straight away I’ve seen improvements in athletic capabilities. Having testing metrics to keep track of how I am improving is something I really like so far as it allows for me to see if I am improving. I very much looking forward for what lies ahead, as I feel with Jack’s knowledge and coaching, a lot the can be achieved.
Finn Campbell
GB Frisbee

Jack truly cares about his clients and their results. I would highly recommend him for his wealth of knowledge and experience in strength and conditioning.

James Cunningham
American Football

Jack is a tremendous coach. I’ve been working with him for 3 months now and I made great progress in every physical aspect. I’ve hit new PR’s on all my compound lifts and my cardiovascular level is also the best it’s ever been. He is extremely dedicated to helping you reaching your goals, and is a very knowledgeable guy who adapts to your needs. If you are a serious contact athlete willing to get to the next level, Jack is the perfect coach for you.

Fabien Dupla

I’ve been working closely with Jack for over 3 months now. For the first time in my career I wanted to take my S&C and nutrition to a new level with more communication and detail to programming with a coach through my off season.

In this short amount of time I’ve made more progress on compound lifts than ever before just from using slightly different training methods to suit the sport I’m competing in. The different methods of training has also allowed me to keep focussed and driven for training sessions with more levels of excitement than before, it was far from the box standard same thing week in week out.

His approach also to my nutrition has suited me down to a T. What I love is that he works around your lifestyle by making small changes on a weekly/monthly basis to build in regular habits to aid my training in the gym and on snow.

Definitely recommend JT Performance, amazing value for money.

Rob Poth
GB Skiing

Jack’s help has been incredible and he works hard to ensure that progress is focused and tracked carefully. Through his training and nutrition plans I’ve been able to reach what was initially a six month goal in less than three months! Highly recommend Jack to anyone who wants to take their training and performance to the next level.

Connor Clark
American Football

I have worked with other coaches before but Jack is hands down the best. His enthusiasm and willingness to help is unmatched, but his ability to convey his knowledge behind programs is what really puts him above the rest. Couldn’t speak more highly of Jack and would recommend to anyone!

Axl Rodwell
American Football

I have been working with Jack for about a month and really enjoying the training. The setup is really easy and saves time having all the info, communication and exercises in one place. It is obvious that he he is heavily invested in his athletes and communication is excellent. I would recommend Jack 100% if you want to improve in your sport or fitness level. Looking forward to more months ahead!

David Carter
American Football

Over the years I’ve known Jack, I’ve had the pleasure of training with and being trained by him. With Jack as your coach you will learn new things about yourself. You will be pushed to new heights and will do things you didn’t think you could. Jack’s passion and his ability to teach makes him a fantastic coach. I couldn’t recommend anyone better.

Lee Jones
Rugby/ Powerlifting

I have been with Jack since late last year and since then i have improved every physical aspect in regards to my performance in my sport and also kept myself injury free as well as recovering from past injuries. Jack is a very diligent and meticulous coach who will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals, as i recommended him to a close friend of mine who was recovering from an ACL and has also hit milestones within a remarkable timeframe.

Football (Soccer)

Working with Jack has completely changed my approach to training. Now I’m systematically improving on a week to week basis, and seeing clear improvements in my sport. Jack has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is evident in his coaching. He’s always on hand to help and always keeps you accountable. Can’t recommend enough!

Ellis Prodromou

I came to jack seeking help returning from a hip injury that had been recurring for a while, and would stop me from playing sport to the intensity I like. Even though I am a coach myself I couldn’t keep myself accountable or be confident in my own knowledge to fix myself. 2 months with jack and not only can I sprint and play sport again pain free, but I am confident in my ability to maintain my hip strength and continue progressing. Jack’s communication and commitment to making me better couldn’t be faulted and most importantly he is such a nice guy and easy to get on with which made it a really enjoyable experience. Highly recommend! Thankyou jack ! 💪🏼😁

Eddy Fuller
Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Rugby

Have worked with coach Tyler of JT performance now for a few months, and has been without a doubt the single most productive S&C and performance coaching experience I have had in 10 years of competitive sport. Cannot recommend enough.

Kane Carreras
American Football

Jack has been instrumental in helping me build my confidence again after an injury.
He is helping me with all my weaknesses and also becoming bulletproof against injuries.
Happy with the improvements that have been made in such a short time and excited for what’s to come!

Valerie Madojemu

Can not recommend highly enough. Been working with Jack for a few months now and he’s helped me improve in every way I’ve asked for. If you have any goal in my mind, Jack will make it happen.

Joel Sorby
American Football

Over 10 months of working with Jack the results have been incredible. His careful attention to detail when it comes to planning workouts has been invaluable to my progression and produced results in a much shorter time than I had expected. Every single session is planned with my personal goals in mind and this is adapted day by day to help with setbacks through injury or schedule. After two years off from playing American football I feel stronger, fitter and faster than I ever did before and the results are immediately translating to my on field play. He’s also helped hugely with my nutrition and keeps me in check, with amazing resources and advice to make nutrition easy and exciting. Anyone that wants to take their sport to the next level should get in contact with Jack and look to work with him.

Connor Clark
American Football

Been working with Jack now for not too far off a year. Massive improvements in myself, my game and my lifestyle. Tremendous coach, best shape I have been in for a long time 💪

Craig Kyle

Almost a year working with JT Performance and all I can do is heap praise at the level of service and coaching provided. This is an entirely bespoke plan from a coaching staff that pay massive attention to the most granular details. Coach Jack and his coaches at JT Performance care about their athletes and revel in the successes of their athletes. Conversely, Coach Jack feels personally responsible for challenges faces or struggles endured. Truth be told, removing the guess work from performance training and having that layer of accountability have made me a stronger, more athletic and more consistent athlete. Working with JT Performance have almost made me a more aware athlete, forcing me to pay better attention to sleep quality, fatigue levels, motivation level, stress management, training quality and nutrition.

A year on, still 10/10 would definitely recommend. I’ve had 5-7 other athlete ask me about Coach Jack, 3 have signed on and gotten other athletes to do the same.

American Football

Nothing but great things to say about this guy. I made progress in all metrics, upper body strength/size, lower body strength/power, vertical jump, sprint speed all while having a hectic work schedule. I’m 5lbs off my all time best bench press (315lbs) training upper body once a week due to my schedule. Jack has a great method of coaching, and I recommend him to all serious athletes!

Lars Little

Going to see Jack is one of the best decisions I’ve made. After sustaining a serious injury, it was vital for me to get back to and surpass me previous level. After going a thorough discussion of my goals, Jack developed a program for me specifically as a footballer that covered all bases + the extra mile! Jack explained in great detail the reasons for my exercises, each touching on different aspects on what I need. He is always available through text to answer any questions I may have and offering solutions to problems I encounter on the way. I would recommend Jack to anybody who wants to take their game to the next level.

Callum Doyle
Football (Soccer)

Very pleased with the quality of the programming and the expertise on display. I strongly recommend them for those looking to train in a results-driven manner and who wish to excel in their sport. I’d even add that the services provided can be extended to those who wish to train as an athlete or who wish to be trained in a led-by-science manner. Ultimately, JTP have mastered the approach of nailing the basics and ensuring that the program transfers to the ‘field’.

Alfonso BC

I’ve only been working with Jack for a month now but feel stronger already. I have full trust in his ability to support me back to competing in my sport, due to his attention to detail and complete investment in me as an athlete. A really thorough and genuine coach, I couldn’t have asked for more so far.

Ben Harrison

I’m a rugby player who had ideas and an inkling as to what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it but didn’t have the guidance or help necessary. I wanted to break into the the first team squad and be consistent while showing that I can score as a winger week in week out and also get strong for myself and my mind as a personal goal.

I have worked with JT for just over a year now and in that time I’ve seen and felt myself get stronger and lift weights I didn’t think I could ever do while having the best start to a season I’ve ever had earning a first team call up and starting place without question.

I would recommend JT to anyone with any physical training goals as his knowledge of everything from programming to nutrition while taking the most care to adapt to your lifestyle both daily and weekly providing a certain amount of detail that makes the little things show such a big difference over time. He really does care for his individual athletes and doesn’t just give a generic program.

Rugby Union
Great service, always goes above and beyond to ensure that the quality of your training is high, great eye for detail, would definitely recommend to any athletes looking to take their game to the next level
Nelson Ballesteros
Football (Soccer)

Jack is professional, well organised, and very resourceful, if you need someone to help you come back from a severe injury or just to push you to your best, he’s your man.

Chloé Erbland

Working with Jack has been brilliant, I’m getting stronger and fitter than I have ever been, the sessions are challenging but not beating me up so I am always ready and eager for next training session.

All the seasons are personalised and readily adapted for all my needs wether it be working round existing injuries or the demands of my job.

My nutrition has been dialled by layering in small achievable goals over time which are helping my performance levels and also body composition, but it does not feel at all restrictive.

I cannot wait for the rugby season to start to see the results of working with Jack transfer to the pitch.

Adam Jones

I’m a professional footballer and I’ve been working with Jack for almost 3 years. He is by far the best coach I’ve ever had and I look forward to every session I have with him! His enthusiasm, knowledge and meticulous attention to detail have enabled me to excel as an athlete and reach my goals! He’s able to perfectly tailor my gym programme to fit my football schedule and training demands, allowing me to focus on the things that matter! He has supported me in every aspect of being an athlete and I know that I wouldn’t have achieved nearly as much as I have without his experience and guidance! Jack will always go the extra mile to ensure you reach your goals and I can’t recommend him enough!

Lucy Thomas
Football (Soccer)

Coach Jack is highly motivated in helping you become a better athlete. He understands the athletes needs very well and always keeps the sport as the no. 1 focus. I would strongly recommend him to any competitive athlete!

Alejandro Toutparfait

Jack takes a full approach to develop an athlete. Physically and mentally, but also cues you to focus on technical and tactical.

His method designs out the steps to get better as an athlete and the qualities specific to your sport and goals.

Matthew Belbasis
Aussie Rules

Since starting my S&C journey with Jack I have increased my max weight in both squat and bench press. Jack listens to exactly what you need as a person as well as for your sport which means the plan is very bespoke to you. He is also very responsive and will change things last minute if there has been a change in plan! Having a great time working with Jack.

Iona McCusker

I’ve been working with Jack for around a year and a half and his experience and in-depth knowledge of strength and conditioning has really helped me excel in my sport and help me reach international level.

Ella Wansell
England International Sprinter

Jack is a great coach. He has especially benefited me since he has started training me on reaching my goals. Would highly recommend!!!

Joshua Bethell

I’ve only been training with Jack for just over a month and can already see and feel a big difference in how I perform. Having that structure and a clear plan to reach my goals has helped me massively, not only physically, but mentally also. You can tell he’s very dedicated and passionate about what he does and it has rubbed off on me and reignited my passion for my sport as well. Only the early stages but I couldn’t recommend him more so far and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Charlton Dawson-Dragisic

The best man for helping you achieve performance goals. Jack has a wide range of experience working with different athletes and is very passionate about what he does. I became the fittest and strongest athlete I’ve ever been when training with Jack.

Robert Rangel

I’ve worked with Jack for about 18months now and I can easily say that he is the best coach I’ve worked with. He is very knowledgeable, supports me through every detail of my training and genuinely cares about my goals and needs. Can not recommend him enough!

Vicki Walker

I’ve been working with Jack for the past 4 weeks and I can honestly it’s been amazing! He provides top quality sessions and he has tons of knowledge. My training, nutrition, recovery and sleep has been outstanding due to Jack holding me accountable. He clearly cares a lot about his athletes and produces the very best results!!!

Jake Baker

Always provides great courses to follow which give me the results I want. I live and work in Germany and have a very busy work life, yet Jack always designs the courses well to fit as best as possible. Highly recommend working with him.

Jack is extremely enthusiastic about what he does and very committed to getting his athletes to meet their goals. After being out with an ACL injury for 19 months, Jack has been able to develop my strength drastically, to the point that I am now back to pitch based sessions and very close to returning to my sport. After 7 operations, losing most of the muscles in my leg and being told I wouldn’t play again; Jack has been able guide me every step of the way and has also given me the confidence to believe in the possibility of getting back to my sport. I highly recommend his services, I owe a lot to him. It’s been a long and hard journey, but I’m more motivated than ever to continue working with Jack. I have no doubt he will help me get back to a better level than I used to play at.

Evan Green
Gibraltar Football

I came to JT performance because I knew to be the best I need to work with the best. All my wishes have been coming true I have been putting up crazy numbers every week in the gym, my conditioning has been improving drastically and I have had teammates asking me how I’m I’ve changed so much in so little time

Rielly Kirk
American Football/Rugby Union

Really awesome program. Jack has changed the way I view and handle nutrition. He is able to work and accommodate to your experience, schedule, and ability. During the 12 week program, I lost 18lbs/8.3 kgs and at the same time hit pBs in the gym and on the field. The idea of losing bodyfat while increasing my numbers in the gym was something I wasn’t aware was possible. At the start of the program we focussed on the idea of ‘recomposition’, and I can honestly say it has been the most productive summer that i’ve had.

I’m now currently in my rugby team’s pre-season, I feel great and am excited to continue to progress into the season.

If you’re struggling to create and stick to effective habits both in the gym and with nutrition, Jack Tyler Performance is the answer. Highly recommended.

Charles Walsh
Rugby Union
When I first contacted Coach Jack I was in a moon boot following an Achilles’ tendon rupture.
I felt I wanted to return to American football as quickly as possible while preventing the risk of a re rupture I felt my monthly physiotherapy appointments weren’t enough so I had to contact Coach Jack. I never looked back I had seen he had worked with a variety of athletes including medical students and American football players, so it was right up my alley.
He didn’t see my ailment as a hindrance despite the fact I didn’t get an operation on my Achilles he went above and beyond with his fitness advice and scheduling on my workouts and what to do in between, taking into consideration if I had a game or was feeling sore. I haven’t had better strength and conditioning coach and I don’t think I will, he encouraged me. Is it worth the price? Absolutely.
Coach Jack is not only highly intelligent , and knowledgable in everything sports performance and recovery but he also cares about his clients he always gave me the time of day . His Instagram page is also a fountain of knowledge and I can see how he has built such a social media prescience .I was able to come back from my injury 5 months post rupture starting on the defence for an undefeated university of Liverpool raptors team which had conceded one of fewest points per game in the country . I have also seen increases in strength as well as achieving a leaner more muscular physique which has been noticeable by people around me .If coach Jack did that for me he can certainly take anyone to the next level . If you are playing a contact sport why go there without preparation 5 star would recommend . Thank you coach Jack.
American Football

I’ve been working with Coach Jack for almost 2 months and all my numbers have gone up in the gym! The programme he set up for me was fine tuned for my goals and he’s extremely flexible in terms of physical limitations and available equipment. I’ve felt this whole time that my goals were also his goals which makes it all a more personal experience. I plan on working with Coach Jack up until and after I’ve hit my performance goals because this is a great lifestyle.
10/10 would recommend to any and everybody regardless of experience and/or level.

Ti Ojuyah
American Football

Jack is a fantastic coach with a great depth of knowledge. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to push themselves to that next level

Ben McMullan
Strength and Conditioning Coach

The standard of coaching that you’ll receive from Jack is second to none. He has great knowledge so many different areas and is always looking to learn more. With someone with a disability it’s always great to hear the positivity and the open mind set that he brings to sessions. Always looking to overcome those barriers. He doesn’t just see the disability he see’s the potential you to be better.

Michael Pope
GB Olympic Thrower/Weightlifter

It has nearly been a year since working with Jack and since then I have met all my goals that I have wanted to achieve and a massive part of this is due to his knowledge and encouragement he gives on a day to day basis ! He does whatever he can to help you to become the best sports person you wish to be. So if you tell him your goals he will go the extra mile to ensure you get there !!

Kelsey Clifford
Saracens & England Rugby

Great coaching and great feedback. Jack is very professional and it doesn’t just feel like another cookie cutter program that promises to make you faster or stronger. I’ve felt much better since I started training and am really looking forward to the future with jack.

Kyle Lazera
Rugby Union

Jacks programming was amazing. Pre season I put on much needed size whilst maintaining speed. I had my most injury free season ever and continued to hit pb’s in squat, bench deadlift and cleans throughout the season. Jack is highly adaptive to client needs and is incredibly creative. I would recommend Jack to any athlete of any sport, he’s by far the best coach I’ve ever had.

Jack Jones
American Football

I started with Jack one month ago, and I feel a lot better in general. I started because I wanted to improve my performance and it’s working! I improved a lot physically and it’s just the beginning! Looking forward to seeing where I can arrive with Jack’s help!

Alessandro Merlo

I’ve been working with Jack for a month now and I’ve been making consistent progress in the gym and on the field. He knows your personal goals and makes it very clear how to achieve them and what to do to get you there, no matter the sport or goal.

Sam Rayner
American Football
I’ve been training with Jack for 2 months now, and results are here. He cares about his clients, and does a lot to help us improve (even when you get the basic plan). He’s very available for us, and even regularly checks on us. Strongly recommend
Maéric Achiepi
American Football

Great coaching experience. Seeing improvements day by day with JT Performance.

American Football

As a medical student with demanding schedule, maintaining performance in my sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, require very specific approach. I reached out Jack when I hit a certain point of fatigue and stress that affected my studies as well as my physical performance.
Jack formulated strategical program, utilizing minimal equipment, that fit my particular schedule. Jack helped me to develop strength, enhance my physical performance in my sport, reduce my stress-fatigue threshold points and most importantly my learning capacity improved significantly. A brilliant and devoted coach that will take your everyday life performance to the next level.

Robert Melamed
Jiu Jitsu

Jack is great at keeping you on top of your training while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you want to become a top athlete in your specific sport Jack is the trainer for you. Having Jack help me with my training problems made getting over my strength and speed plates easier as well as keeping measure of strength and speed increase.
My life has become so much better since I started working with Jack and I highly recommend him to anybody out there looking for a performance coach.

Rene Zokra
American Football

I have been working with JT for a couple weeks and despite a shaky, inconsistent start from myself – he was extremely helpful in communication and helping me back on the wagon.

I’ve been more consistent this last month, feeling much stronger than I can remember and excited for the next phase of my training.

Ohio Orumen
Rugby Union
Worth every penny. Great coaching, holds you accountable, is available as much as you need him, gives clear goals while keeping everything simple and not crowding you with unnecessary information. Gives you all the tools to be a physically dominant athlete.
International Youth Boxer

Jack is an awesome coach with a wealth of knowledge. When working with Jack, I just went from strength to strength. Whatever your sport and whatever your goal, Jack will help you reach your goal! Fantastic coach!

Joseph Hardy

I have done 3/4 months of online training with Jack and I have seen some incredible improvements in my lifts and BJJ performance. I’ve hit lifetime personal bests in bench, squat, and deadlift whilst becoming more flexible.

I’ve also improved my nutrition and lifestyle quality thanks to his advice and assistance.

If you’re serious about your performance in your sport this will take you to the next level.

Daniel Winterbottom

I have made really significant improvements in sprint speeds and strength since working with Jack. Previously I’ve had various programmes as part of teams from S&C coaches etc but they’ve always been generic and progress is always slow. Jack really puts the effort in to customise these and it shows in the metrics, love the fact that he adapts as needed and even put on muscle when gyms were closed in lockdown

Huw Bevan

My name is James, and I am 17. Regardless of my age Jack took the time to make training schedules that were suitable not only for my event and progress but also for my age. The sessions were demanding but if not for them I wouldn’t have gotten this much stronger and wouldn’t have been able to experience this level of recovery with my knees (Patellar tendonitis) . Apart from just the effective training sessions and dieting advice he gave me, he also checked up on me during my exams to make sure I was coping well with the stress( Almost like a big brother). It was an amazing experience which I would recommend for anyone who wants to really improve their sports performance.


Jack completely changed my attitude towards s&c. He is passionate about his work and tailored my strength sessions to focus on the needs of my individual progress and perform to the best of my ability for my sport. He is enthusiastic and committed, the ideal coach. I would recommend him to any elite athlete without a doubt!!

Amy Platten
GB Judo

Really good coaching service. Experts, high quality platform, good excercises, good feedback, much focus on improving form rather than just pure throwing weights on. Would recommend to anyone who needs to get in best physical shape in lowest amount of time! 10/10

Andrej Kavka

I’m a sprinter who has now been working with Jack for the past year. He has managed to get the results needed in all aspects of my training. He understands speed and agility training and adapts my programme to what will benefit me the most making it very relevant to my sport. Highly recommend Jack he knows his stuff!

Page Fairclough
England International Sprinter

He is committed to you doing better and you can feel that. 5 out of 5

Robin Knoth

Jack was probably the first guy that actually made me interested and understand myself more than ever, he is so detailed in this work that he wants you to gives as much time to explain yourself in what you want to improve so he can pin point the needs and get the best programme out for you, and he is very out going and makes you enjoy every moment with him and he can always make the environment around him a great place for you to work out and make you feel great after you leave too…100% would recommend him to anyone!

Reshad Saraj
Coach JT’s program has helped me get stronger for my sport. I can see the effects in my wrestling and ju jitsu. I’m happy with my progress and I am nowhere near my potential yet. Can’t wait to see where I am in the next year.
Mike Aiyeola

Tell him your goal and he will make it happen! Helped me through rehabbing post ankle surgery and only 4 months post op playing England level again, after being told I wouldn’t be able to. Now helping me work towards World Cup this August! 100% recommend!

Fiona Fletcher
England Lacrosse

I’ve been working with Jack for about 8 months since the gyms opened after the first lockdown. During this time I’ve seen significant changes in strength and body composition as well as my performance on the field. There have been positive comments on this from my coaches and teammates. Jack is very supportive and gives me the right level of support and advice while also allowing me to manage things independently. The best value for money I’ve ever invested into my sporting performance hands down.

Samuel Fraser
American Football