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Recovery times of common workouts

How long does it take to recover from common workouts?

Don’t haphazardly throw it all in the mixing pot Randomly selecting the days you train is a recipe for disaster If you want a well structured training week, you…

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Training Residuals Issurin (2008)

How long does it take to lose your gains? Training Residuals (Issurin)

Issurins training residuals is my most referenced table as a coach, it’s invaluable. The scientific definition of training residuals is ‘the retention of changed induced by systematic workloads beyond…

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How to structure your in-season training week

Monday to Sunday: Athletes In-season Week Should Look Like This

Athletes keep getting weaker and slower in-season because they don’t manage their training week correctly. Don’t let yourself get stuck in that vicious cycle again. You’ve done it before….

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The 4 Level Pyramid for Building Healthy Shoulders

Forget external rotations. At least for the moment. They’re just the icing on the cake. The shoulder is a complex joint which depends on its neighbours doing their job….

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How to Recovery Rapidly after Game Day: The 100 Point Recovery System

Athletes get weak and slow in-season. Never getting better year on year because of it. If this is you, ask yourself if you’re managing fatigue between games. That’s the…

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6-steps for Athletic Lower-body Hypertrophy

Athletic lower-body hypertrophy sessions must be distinguishable from bodybuilding. While physiological principles of hypertrophy aren’t any different for athletes – Jay Cutler sure isn’t running down the touch-line scoring…

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Training the Neck is a Necessity for Contact Athletes

The neck is the most undertrained muscle in the body.⁣ Strength coaches rightly spend huge amounts of time researching and implementing training plans in order to prevent muscular injuries…

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A Case for the Trap-bar Deadlift (Athletes)

Unless you’re a powerlifter, exercises are a means to an end. Coming from a powerlifting background I took it as a personal insult when my S&C coach told me…

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In-season Programming for Contact Athletes

In-season training for players who don’t have the luxury of a strength and conditioning coach often looks shambolic. Yet, it’s completely understandable. It isn’t an easy thing to pull…

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Push/Pull/Legs Split – Strength and Size

One of the simplest yet rewarding routines out there is the “Push/Pull/Legs” split. It is an easy template mould which harnesses all the required criteria for a balanced strength…

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