7 Methods To Make Bodyweight Training Harder

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Well trained individuals biggest challenge with bodyweight exercise is how do we make it hard enough to cause positive adaptations…

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How to Train around Gym Closures: 4 Tips for Athletes

A few tips for athletes regarding training during the coronavirus period. We may see a period of gym closures, here’s a few things you can do to keep in…

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How to jump higher: 5 things you must do

Things you must be doing to increase your vertical jump, this is 90% of what you need to know: ACCUMULATE A HISTORY OF JUMPING If you want to get…

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Hours slept and injury risk

Hours Slept and Injury Risk: 6 things you can do

Do you sleep less than 7 hours a night?

Look at your risk of injury, scary right. We all know how important it is to sleep 8hours+ a

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Wattbike Challenges: JT Performance

Wattbike Challenges: Can you complete them?

Alactic, anaerobic and aerobic wattbike challenges Perfect for injured athletes that can’t run, or for challenges during the off-season Pick one and try to surive Good luck. Follow me…

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Contact Athletes: are you the hammer and stone?

Contact athletes, are you the hammer and stone? Heard this concept from Dan John in his recent book “40 years with a whistle” and it beautifully summrised my training…

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The Foot Tripod: how you can immediately improve your squat

Ferrari’s don’t run on flat tires, like athletes don’t run on weak feet. Your foot is your connection to the ground. They’re what we use to transfer the force…

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Prilepins Table

Optimal Rep Ranges from the USSR: Prilepin’s Table

Prilepin was a USSR weightlifting coach who studied the training habits of the most successful lifters Finding what percentages, sets and reps they used to optimise training Prilepin research…

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Recovery times of common workouts

How long does it take to recover from common workouts?

Don’t haphazardly throw it all in the mixing pot Randomly selecting the days you train is a recipe for disaster If you want a well structured training week, you…

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Training Residuals Issurin (2008)

How long does it take to lose your gains? Training Residuals (Issurin)

Issurins training residuals is my most referenced table as a coach, it’s invaluable. The scientific definition of training residuals is ‘the retention of changed induced by systematic workloads beyond…

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