Physical Standards for Contact Athletes

You can’t explain world class performances through strength testing numbers. The best are the best because they’re the best at their SPORT. However, don’t let that fool you.

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5 Methods to Build Unstoppable Physicality

1. Wrestling Drills Wrestling drills are a massively underrated way to improve your contact skills. The physical demands of Rugby and American Football is effectively wrestling and running. You…

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3 Ways to Reduce Concussion Risk for Contact Athletes

The most devastating injury in sport is concussion. It will not only devastate your career – it can devastate your life. Anyone whos watched the Will Smith film will…

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Ice Baths Slow Down Muscle and Strength Gains?

Ice-baths for athletes – is it a good idea? Ice-baths are standard post-match practice for many athletes. But is it always a good idea? Cold water immersion can blunt…

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How Strong is too Strong?

How strong is too strong? I am a “strength guy” I have seen basic strength training transform sports performance in hundreds of athletes BUT There is a point where…

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Massage Guns are Overpriced Vibrators: Here’s 4 Recovery Methods that Work

Recovery is mostly FOMO (fear of missing out). The current trending FOMO product is the massage gun. You may get short-term relief (mostly psychological) the day after a leg…

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Aerobic standard for athletes

Resting Heart-rate Minimal Standard (+ minibook)

Visual learners – scroll down to the end to find the minibook version. Do you meet the basic aerobic standard – is your resting heart rate below 60BPM? Resting…

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Contact athletes, there's a missing link in your training

Contact Athletes: Is This Missing From Your Training? (+ mini-book)

You’re lacking contact (probably that kind too).

Remember that first hit of the season? That one stings. Here’s 4 things you can do to prepare:

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7 Methods To Make Bodyweight Training Harder

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Well trained individuals biggest challenge with bodyweight exercise is how do we make it hard enough to cause positive adaptations…

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