1. The Best Conditioning is the Sport itself.

2. Stop Redlining Every Session: The higher your aerobic capacity, the harder it is to enter anaerobic systems. You don’t need to be sick every session.

3. Build an Aerobic Base (RHR sub 60bpm): Accumulate minutes/hours between 120-150bpm.

4. Speed Reserve: Get faster, and everything becomes (more) submaximal.

5. Anaerobic Method (1): 5-10 minutes in “threshold range” (~160-170bpm), rest until recovered, 1-3 sets.

6. Anaerobic Method (2): 60-120sec at max intensity for 4-12 reps, rest 2-5minutes.

7. Anaerobic Method (3): 30-40 seconds work, 1-4 minutes rest, 2-5 sets, 1-2 series.

8. Alactic Training: Aim for between 40-60 efforts per session.

*in order of priority