Farmers carries are amazing for athletes, particularly contact athletes.

They’re often neglected.

I want to make them as popular as a heavy deadlift.

In your local gym, I want to hear: “Got my first 5 plate deadlift yesterday” “Who cares, I just got my first 2xBW carry”

A big part of making them popular is having measurable standards to chase and hold yourself against.

Using my experience coaching farmers carries to hundreds of athletes I’ve created these standards. You can use a trap-bar, farmers bar or dumbbells – whatever you have access to:


You can find trap-bars in most local gyms these-days.

They offer an excellent alternative to farmers bar, you can actually load them a little heavier due to the improved stability.

Good: 1.5xBW for 30s

Game-changer: 2xBW for 30s


Farmers bars are the gold standard, though they won’t be find in your average gym.

As they move independently, the movement becomes slightly harder than the trap-bar.

Good: 1.25xBW for 30s

Game-changer: 1.75xBW for 30s


Dumbbells are my least favourite piece of equipment for carries.

They crash against your legs and you are usually limited to 50kgs.

However, thats all some people have.

As you’re unlikely to have bodyweight dumbbells in your gym, dumbbell standards are based on time:

Good: 0.5xBW/hand x 30s

Game-changer: 0.5xBW/hand x 60s

Hope this gives you a carrot to chase your loaded carry training.