Is your HR isn’t below 60pm?

If it’s not, you don’t need to be doing sprints until you’re sick.

Here’s 3 aerobic conditioning methods you should be using instead:

  1. Steady State: Build the Engine

How: Run, cycle, row, or swim. Maintain 120-160pm for 30-60minutes. Perform 1-4 x week.

Notes: Heart-rate monitors are crucial here. Contact athletes will tend to push intensity too high.

Goal: 60minutes of stead-state running keeping the HR between 120-160bpm finishing feeling relatively fresh.

2. Tempos: Build Repeat Speed

How: Cover 100m running at 60-70% of max speed on 60-90sec rolling clock. Perform 1-3 x week.

Notes: Last rep should be better than the first. Stay relaxed throughout. Bag work or grappling also works well for fighters (15sec on/45-60s off).

Goal: 1 x 20 reps (100m) @ 60-70% of max speed.

3. High Resistance Intervals: Bounce Back Fitness

How: Sprint, grapple, or hit the bag for 10-12sec at maximal intensity. Rest until HR is 130-140pm, then repeat for 10-20.

Notes: Work on controlling your breathing during rest periods to improve heart-rate recovery.

Goal: 20 reps with recovery under 90seconds.