You don’t recover by doing more, you recover by doing less.

Recovery is eating like an adult, getting 8 hours of sleep, and having a well-designed training program. 

95% of the time you shouldn’t need to use massage, ice-baths and saunas to get through the week.

In-fact, you should avoid it.


Most these tools, like ice-baths, work by reducing inflammation.

The problem?

Inflammation stimulates positive training adaptations (strength, size, speed). If you artificially reduce inflammation, you can reduce training adaptations.

There are ways you can avoid these blunted adaptations (such as keeping cold exposure outside of the training window). However, if you’re having to use these tools to recover, it’s a clear indication that you’re not managing your training load well.

Where does the 100 point recovery system come in?

Sometimes, performance is more important than training adaptions.

i.e. you’re mid-way through a tournament, doing everything you can do to remove soreness before the next event.

You could’ve taken your leg day a bit too seriously and worry you’ll underperform during an important training session.

That’s where the 100 point recovery system comes in.

Originally designed by Ashley Jones, it’s a fantastic system that takes into account the individuality of recovery (equipment, preferences, what type of soreness you have etc).

Simply accumulate 100 points on the scale and you’ll feel the difference. Just don’t abuse it.