Constant in-season soreness is a problem. Sometimes you just need a method to accelerate post game recovery. Introducing 100-point system.

Athletes get weak and slow in-season.

Never getting better year on year because of it.

If this is you, ask yourself if you’re managing fatigue between games.

That’s the biggest problem.

In 90% of cases, this can be corrected by managing your weekly program, having a good pre-season to begin with, nutrition and sleep.

However the 100 point recovery system can be a useful tool if you’re already managing your training week well, and just need a hack to accelerate post game recovery.

Introduced by an Ashley Jones article, the concept is simple.

Accumulate 100 points on the day after a game to help speed up recovery.

Download the table below, and print so you have a grab and go method for your post match recovery.

100-Point Recovery System

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