Forget external rotations.

At least for the moment. They’re just the icing on the cake.

The shoulder is a complex joint which depends on its neighbours doing their job.

Make sure you’re keeping your shoulders healthy from the ground up.

  1. CORE: Lack of core strength/activation leads to problems. Watch someone overhead press without engaging their abs, they’re leaning all over the place to compensate for their lack of core strength.
  2. THORACIC-SPINE: The shoulders blades plug onto the t-spine, if there’s not sufficient range of motion of the thoracic spine – your shoulder mobility will suffer accordingly.
  3. SCAPULA: The scapula moves on the t-spine to create shoulder movement. Make sure its strong enough to do its job, and the muscles around the scapula can move freely.
  4. SHOULDER JOINT: These are where the majority of shoulder health exercises fall under, like external rotations. This is your last box to tick after you’ve checked off the foundations.

Huge thanks to Max Shank for introduction me to this concept. Look after your shoulders people.