Goals are where you want to be, habits are how you get there

Here’s 6 habits I think athletes should develop….

1.Weekly Food Prep

Most of us live busy lives rushing between training, work and social events. Set yourself up for success with your nutrition – spend one day per week preparing your food.

2.Consistent Sleep Routine

Developing a consistent sleep routine is the single most important thing you can do for recovery. Like any other skill -continually try to develop it.

3.Reflective Practice Routine

Get in the habit of reflecting on training and competition. Most athletes don’t do this. Putting it down on paper is key.

4.Study your Sport

Study your sport like it’s your degree. Watch tape of yourself and others. Learn from the best, take notes, and try to apply it to your game.

5.Stress Management Strategies

Stress is stress. It all fills the same cup. Learning how to manage it is essential for your recovery as an athlete.

6.Plan your Week

Spend Sunday evenings scheduling your week on an online calender. Make time for training and all the things you need to do to be successful.