How you can prepare for optimum match day performance:

3-4 Hours Out

Consume a high carb meal you’re familiar with.

If you’ve ever travelled for your sport, you know the dangers of consuming a foreign food you’re not familiar with. You’re not going to perform well with violent diarrhea…

Aim to keep the meal lower in fat and fibre, as both slow down the digestive process. 

Good sources of carbs 3-4hours out:

– White Pasta
– White Rice
– Potato

Good sources of protein 3-4hours out:

– Chicken
– Tuna
– White fish
– Low-fat beef

2 Hours Out

Aim to drink 6-8ml per kg bodyweight.

Everyone knows hydration is key.

Aiming to consume 6-8ml/kg will give you enough time to go to the toilet prior to the game!

1 Hour Out

Consume 1g per kg of bodyweight of easily digested carbs.

Final meal to fuel performance. 

Pre-match snack ideas:

– Bagel and Jam
– Rice Cakes and Fruit
– Jam Sandwich
– Soreen
– Sweets 

30minutes Out


Caffeine blood concentration peaks around 30-60minutes after consumption.

If you’re an anxious performer, avoid having caffeine. It could make you worse.

You may also consider other supplements: tart cherry, beetroot, beta alanine etc.

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