1: Periodise Nutrition and Training Together

Hard training day = high calories and carbs. Rest = lower calorie and carbs.

Ensure you eat for performance. That means increase your fuelling, particularly carbohydrates on your tough training days.

2: Eat Higher Carb Meals Around Training and Competition

Planning higher carb meals around training will significantly improve energy levels. Keep fat low in these meals, as it slows down digestion.

Here’s how you can prepare for a competition or tough training session:

3: Looking to Lean up?

Aim to lose 0.5-1% of BW per week.

As an athlete you can’t afford to drastically cut weight as training and performance will suffer.

Track weight daily, and start by cutting calories from rest days. Don’t stay in this phase for longer than 8weeks.

4: Looking to Build Muscle?

Aim to gain 0.5-1% of BW per month.

On the flip-side, you cannot afford to gain excess fat mass when gaining weight. Muscle growth is a slow process.

5: Consume 1g of Protein Per Pound of Bodyweight

The majority of athletes do not consume enough protein to support muscle growth and recovery. 1g/lb is a good goal to aim for.

6: Focus on Developing Long Lasting Habits

Don’t jump on a rigid meal plan and expect long-term success. Lay small win on-top of small win for long-term success.

Small weekly goals might include:

  • Add a fist sized portion of vegetables at every meal
  • Consume whey protein after training
  • Meal prep on Sundays
  • Schedule in regular food shopping
  • Learn to cook a new meal

The key thing is to pick one thing per week, no more.