How strong is too strong?

I am a “strength guy”

I have seen basic strength training transform sports performance in hundreds of athletes


There is a point where it stops working

Or worse yet, starts to hinder sports performance

Why is that exactly?

Limited resources and lack of specificity.

When you begin strength training it is the magic bullet. You see rapid increases in your speed, power, strength, and sporting performance.

But at some point, that transfer starts to decline.

If you want to continue to develop your max strength. You have to strength train harder, with more volume and more frequency.

You’re putting more and more resources into the development of one physical quality (in which you are not seeing the same transfer).

There is no point in continuing to pursue maximal strength if it is taking time/energy away from:

  1. Playing the sport (without fatigue)
  2. Training physical qualities that have greater transfer (i.e. sprint speed)

That is not to say you should stop strength training.

But you should shift your focus and use your resources wisely.

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