Deltoid Distraction Series moves the shoulder through multiple planes of motion, preparing the entire upper-body by taking the shoulder through all its functions.

This warm-up was made for myself – I often neglected upper-body warm-ups due to limited time.

I wanted something quick and simple. That doesn’t require 14 pieces of equipment.

The delt distraction series takes 2minutes, ticks all the boxes and just requires a dowel/pvc/broomstick. Thank me later.

  1. Anterior Shoulder Pushes x 10/side: Use the dowel to push the arm away from you, creating a distraction in the shoulder that mobilises the biceps and pectorals.
  2. Posterior Shoulder Twists x 10/side: One hand facing towards the ground, the other pointed towards the sky. Rotate the upward facing palm around to mobilise the back of the shoulder blade.
  3. Internal/External Rotation Slides x 10/side: Keeping the elbows as far back as possible the entire time, slide the dowel up and down to work the shoulder through internal and external rotation.
  4. Thoracic Twists x 10/side: Mobilises the thoracic spine, so the shoulder blade can glide freely across the rib-cage.
  5. Shoulder Dislocations x 10: Classic exercises for taking the shoulders through a large ROM, use a closer grip as you progress.