Aerobic standard for athletes

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Do you meet the basic aerobic standard – is your resting heart rate below 60BPM?

Resting heart rate is one of the best measures of general conditioning and correlates extremely well to VO2max. Plus its super easy to measure.

I believe its important for all athletes to have a resting HR below 60bpm, no matter their sport:

1. Train more frequently: higher aerobic fitness means faster recovery between training sessions. The faster you can recover, the more sessions you can do a week = the better potential for progress.

2. Improved exercise density: better blood supply means quicker recovery between bouts of exercise, be that recovery between tackles in a rugby match or between sets of back squats.

In order to reduce your resting heart rate aim to include 1-3 aerobic sessions per week. Keep your heart rate between 120-150pm (about 20-30% of your max speed) and perform any form of cylical exercise you enjoy for 30-60minutes.

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