Contact athletes, there's a missing link in your training

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You’re lacking contact (probably that kind too).

Remember that first hit of the season? That one stings.

Post COVID you could get thrown into games without a pre-season = volume 0 to 100.

Drastically increasing your risk of injury and underperformance.

Here are 4 things you can do to prepare:

1. Grappling Drills: In an ideal world, you’d have a partner to grapple. If not, as a subsitute, use tackle and punch bags. Follow @USAFootball MT for great grappling drill advice. Here’s a few simple drills you can do too:

2. Body Awareness: Falling, tumbling and crawling drills teach general body awareness and build confidence when bracing to hit the ground. Wresting warm-ups and workouts are a good place to look, check these crazy warm-ups out:

3. Armour Building: A term coined by Dan John. It’s muscle building to prepare for contact + callusing: loading carries, zerchers, front squats, KB cleans, get-ups and more. They prepare your tissues for the collisions of contact. If you want to train this way, read my short article:

4. Neck Training: Collins et al (2014) claim that for every pound of neck strength, odds of concussion is reduced by 5%. If you have zero equipment, Jailhouse Strong has a simple exercise series for training the neck:

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