If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Well trained individuals biggest challenge with bodyweight exercise is how do we make it hard enough to cause positive adaptations

Here are 7 methods to do that:

1. Mechanical Dropsets

Adjust your body-position to change the relative load you’re working with, and work from harder to easier exercises:

A1) Handstand Push-ups x 10-15

A2) Elevated Push-ups x 10-15

A3) Push-ups x 10-15

2. Extended Isometrics

Hold the bottom position of a movement for an extended period of time:

A) Bulgarian Split Squat ISO x accumulate a 2minute hold per leg

Aim to complete in one set, but take short rest periods if essential

3. Manipulate Tempos

Slow the duration of the eccentric, isometric or concentric phase:

A) Eccentric Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl x 3 x 6/leg

Take 6 seconds to lower yourself into the bulgarian split squat, then explode up


AMRAP = as many reps as possible. Pushing yourself to muscular failure:

A) Staggered Push-ups x 2 sets x failure

Try to increase reps weekly

5. Dropsets

Pair exercises of the same muscle group to provide a greater stimulus to that tissue:

A1) Bench Dips x 15

A2) Bodyweight Triceps Extensions x failure

6. Repetition Goal Sets

Select a pre-set number of repetitions, try to complete them in the least time possible. Beat your score weekly:

A) Perform 100 staggered push-ups in the least time possible

7. Timed Sets

Select one or more exercises and a goal time.

See how many sets of these exercises you can get in within the set time:

A1) Partner Resisted Bulgarian Split Squats x 5/leg

A2) Single-leg Hip Thrusts x 5/leg

Perform as many sets as you can within 5minutes

Hope you found this useful, and helps you best utilise this time to achieve some gains from home! Stay safe.