A few tips for athletes regarding training during the coronavirus period.

We may see a period of gym closures, here’s a few things you can do to keep in shape:

Increase Training Frequency

If you’re home bound, take it with a glass half-full approach.

Train like a prisoner…

Why do you think prisoners are in such great shape?

They have little else to do/think about than training.

You’re going to have less work stress and more time than ever, lets productively drive that energy into training. Increase you’re training frequency to stay in shape/increase fitness levels.

Invest in Home Equipment

Purchasing home equipment will add a huge amount of variety to your strength training if you’re going to be stuck at home.

Plus, you’ll have a great travel kit in the future. I’d recommend:

  • Resistance bands (~£10): lightweight and versatile pieceS of equipment which can be used to do band pull-aparts, resisted push-ups, triceps pushdowns, biceps curls, good mornings, squats, lunges and more.
  • Gymnastics Rings/ Suspension Trainer (~£20): Gymnasts are in pretty good shape… exploring gymnastics exercises will add huge amounts of value to your training toolbox. You’ll come away with a stronger core, healthy shoulders and a bigger upper-body. My favourites – dips, chins, L-sits, inverted rows, skin the cats, muscle ups.
  • One Heavy Kettlebell (~£50-120): Gymnastics rings will pretty much have your upper-body covered, but you’ll need a kettlebell to keep your legs strong. Theres not much you can’t do with a heavy kettlebell: goblet squats, cleans, single-leg deadlifts, goblet split squats, snatches, push press, overhead press, suitcase walks, waiters walks, dumbbell rows and many more.

Change your Focus

Without access to a gym you’ll find it hard to develop maximal strength

However, you only need space to develop your speed, jump ability and conditioning

Furthermore, if you purchase the equipment above you’ll able able to build muscle and core strength

Don’t Panic

It takes longer than you think to de-train

You can find out how long it takes to lose physical qualities like strength, speed and aerobic fitness here – How Long Does it Take to Lose Your Gains

Please share with anyone who may find this valuable. I hope it helps.