Training Residuals Issurin (2008)

Issurins training residuals is my most referenced table as a coach, it’s invaluable.

The scientific definition of training residuals is ‘the retention of changed induced by systematic workloads beyond a certain period after the cessation of training’

Also known as…

How long it takes to start losing your gains.

Sharp readers will see how it instantaneously teaches us valuable training lessons:

  • Athletes should be speed training weekly
  • Strength and endurance don’t need to be trained regularly to be maintained
  • You’re not going to lose all your gains by taking a week off

How often do people miss these basic lessons?

You won’t go too far wrong if you use this to guide your weekly and yearly planning.

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You can read more on the topic in Vladimir Issurins book – Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sports Training (2008)