The neck is the most undertrained muscle in the body.⁣

Strength coaches rightly spend huge amounts of time researching and implementing training plans in order to prevent muscular injuries such as hamstring strains.⁣

However, from an athlete wellness standpoint – strengthening the neck is the big rock.⁣

Concussions won’t only stop the athlete from playing the sport they love (if managed correctly), but will effect every aspect of the athletes life, with potentially disturbing consequences. ⁣

I’ve personally experienced horrible side-effects from concussions, effecting my memory during a crucial period of my A-levels. Numerous athletes I’ve worked with have had it worse, leading to erratic emotional states and depressive moods. Consequently, its an area I feel extremely passionate about. An area we’ve got to learn more about and learn to how to prevent.⁣

Control the controllables: know the symptoms and look out for them, don’t rush back to play, learn to tackle safely, implement contact training appropriately and strengthen the neck. Spread the word.

You sure will have a strong neck if you commit to this…